Tango Stage for guitarists near Paris

This tango workshop is for guitarists who want to delve into the tango. During these three days we treat solo repertoire, accompaniment patterns and how you can phrase a melody in a (guitar) ensemble.
Besides the private lessons, there is an ensemble lesson, in which we treat both the traditional repertoire and contemporary compositions.

At the same time Victor Hugo Villena gives a masterclass for bandoneon players.
During teh ensemble lessons the combination bandoneon and guitar will be central.

The workshop is given in the village of Rochefort-en-Yvelines, a picturesque village south of Paris.
If you come by public transport, you can fly to Charles de Gaulle or Orly and then take the train to Dourdan. From there you’ll be picked up.

The workshop is for guitarists of advanced and professional level.

More information follows. If you have a question, please send a message.