About Kay

Guitarist Kay Sleking plays tango in a variety of formations. He performs as a soloist, as accompanist, in an ensemble or an Orquesta Típica. Particularly pure sounds when Sleking playing solo. But also in combination with a bandoneon player, violinist, pianist, bassist and a singer sounds are beautifully melancholic tango.

As bassist Sleking plays include Orquesta Tipica Bélgica, but also in trio, quartet or quintet formation.

Concert halls and festivals
Since the early nineties Sleking with different musicians in concert halls at home and abroad. He was told, among other things, the Concertgebouw and The Little Comedy Amsterdam and De Doelen in Rotterdam. He played on the Ullapool Guitar Festival in Scotland, the Healdsburg Guitar Festival in San Francisco and the Festival de Fénétrange in France.

Kay Sleking played among others with the bandoneonists Alfredo Marcucci, Leo Vervelde, Victor Hugo Villena, Kraayenhof and including pianist Wim Warman (Sexteto Canyengue) & Julian Peralta (Astillero), violinist Martijn van der Linden (Astillero). In 2005, Kay Sleking Guitarras Tango founded, which he performs at home and abroad. In 2012 he founded Orquesta Tipica Tango Masivo with inter alia Julian Peralta. In 2016 he started with Orquesta Tipica Bélgica, specializing in dance repertoire.

In 2006 he released his solo album Guitarra Y Tango out of traditional tangos in new arrangements. With bandoneon player Victor Hugo he recorded with, among others new compositions CD Valdarno. With Guitarras Tango took the CD Flor de Lino and Martin de Ruiter Tango Noche. He played on several CDs from colleagues, including the new CD of Victor Hugo Villena.

Sleking teaches at the Argentinian Tango department of the Rotterdam Conservatory. He directs the guitar ensemble Guitarras Porteñas and Orquesta Tipica TOC. With Guitarras Porteñas and Orquesta Tipica OTRA he played in 2006 at the Tango Festival in Buenos Aires. He enters with some regularly with Guitarras Porteñas. Sleking arranges at various levels for various ensembles and guitar workshops tango guitar and tango ensembles and presentations tango history.

Kay Sleking studied classical guitar at the Amsterdam and Rotterdam Conservatory. He specialized during his master studies in the Argentine tango at the Department of Argentinean Tango at the Rotterdam Conservatory, the Argentine guitarist, arranger and composer Coco Nelegatti. He was laureate for his graduation concert and was hired as a professor at the department.